Engineering and Design

Our Services

James Controls offers quality engineering and design services in the instrumentation, electrical, process control, mechanical, civil and structural fields for chemical, oil/gas, pharmaceutical and power industries.



James Controls
  • Marine Vapor Control System Verified
  • Caesar Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Laser Scanning
  • 3D Modeling
  • Autodesk Including Autocad Plant 3D, Autocad, Raster, ReCap
  • Bentley Including Microstation, Raster
  • Leica Including Cyclone
  • EI&C Drawing Development Including Block Diagrams, Location Plans, Conduit Plans, Loop Diagrams, Box & Cabinet Layouts, Wiring Diagrams, Cable Schedule
  • Piping Drawing Development Including PFD’s, P&ID’s, Equipment Arrangement, Plans, Isometrics
  • Civil Drawing Development Including Maps, Plans, Details
  • Structural Drawing Development Including Plans, Details